Wheeled water mist gun (lithium battery)

Key words:

Product Details

1、 Mobile water mist fire extinguishing device

The mobile water mist fire extinguishing device is a fire protection product that combines portable carts with high-pressure water mist pump sets. It uses diesel engines, gasoline engines, or electric motors as the power source, and is mobile and flexible at any time. It can be used as a rapidly moving miniature fire station. The mobile water mist fire extinguishing device is easy to place, fast to extinguish fire, and saves water resources.

2、 Performance characteristics:

(1) It has no pollution or damage to the environment, protected objects, or fuel, making it an ideal environmentally friendly product.

(2) Good electrical insulation performance, safe and reliable in extinguishing live equipment fires.

(3) Low water consumption for firefighting and minimal residual water stains.

(4) The water mist sprayed by the high-pressure water mist spray gun can greatly reduce the smoke content and toxicity in fires.

(5) Good fire extinguishing performance and wide application, with better fire extinguishing performance for fires with strong intensity and fast spreading speed.

(6) Water, as a source of fire extinguishing agent, is inexpensive.

(7) The water storage tank is under normal pressure in standby mode, without any leakage issues, and is safe and reliable.

3、 Application scope:

The mobile water mist fire extinguishing device is suitable for extinguishing the following fires: highway fires, gasoline fires, small electrical fires, and other public place fires. It can extinguish Class A, B, C, and E fires. The high pressure water mist fire extinguishing water gun meets the fire protection requirements of the public security, and can replace the traditional water extinguisher, foam extinguisher, powder extinguisher, or be installed on the fire truck. Essential firefighting equipment for high-rise building projects, subways, tunnels, large shopping malls, hotels, chemical units, small and medium-sized oil depots, factory workshops, power transformation and distribution rooms, ancient wooden buildings, tourist attractions, farms, urban industrial parks, urban communities, and high-end kitchens.

4、 Product Technical Parameter Table:

Product name Wheeled water mist gun (lithium battery)
Specification and model


Rated flow rate of pump


Rated working pressure of pump


Rated power


Water tank capacity


Continuous injection time Water supply from water tank ≥ 5.0min, external water supply ≥ 40min (under full battery condition)
Fire hydrant interface


High pressure hose


Volume of stainless steel foam liquid storage tank


Overall dimensions


Net weight


Frame material 304 stainless steel

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