Tunnel foam spray control valve group

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Tunnel foam spray control valve group

The proportional mixer , also called the tunnel foam spray control valve group , is the core component of the foam spray fire extinguishing system. It forms a complete foam spray fire extinguishing system with the fire water pump group, foam liquid supply device, foam spray nozzle, fire detection system, and fire alarm system. system. The proportional mixer automatically mixes the fire water provided by the fire pump unit and the foam liquid provided by the balanced foam liquid supply device in a certain proportion, automatically controls opening and closing of the fire water and foam liquid, and mixes the fire water and foam liquid in a certain proportion. . Generally placed near the protected object , it greatly shortens the system response time and improves the efficiency of fire control and fire extinguishing .

Foam spray control valve group performance parameters:


Flow range

Working pressure range

Nominal diameter

mixing ratio

pressure loss


PH P60 ×2 3 %

16~ 60L/s

0.6 -1. 2  MPa



≤0.25MPa _

1000 ×3 8 0×1 000   

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